Ron Paul Still Isn’t Sure If He’s Going To His Own Republican Convention Festival

Grace Wyler
Business Insider
June 13, 2012


Siemon also points out that the Fairgrounds agreement came almost immediately after Sen. Rand Paul‘s surprise endorsement of Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

“It seems too coincidental,” he told Business Insider, adding slyly: “We’re conspiracy theorists, after all.”

A spokesman for the Republican National Convention has not yet responded to Business Insider’s request for comment.

But while Paul Festival is designed to celebrate the libertarian iconoclast and his fans, sources close to Paul’s campaign point out that the bash could actually pose some serious political problems for Paul as he winds down his third and final White House bid.

If he doesn’t go, the source explained, he risks losing his grasp on the leadership of the movement, and disappointing his loyal supporters — not to mention the 200+ delegates Paul has pledged to bring to the floor in Tampa. On the other hand, if Paul attends his party, he risks angering and losing leverage with the Republican Party right before the convention, especially in the event of any incidents or discord.

So far, Paul has neither committed nor declined the invitation to speak at his eponymous festival. Attendance will likely depend on whether he shows up, but Siemon predicts between 30,000 and 40,000 people will show, at the least. And organizers are in the process of lining up other Liberty Movement speakers and Liberty-friendly performers to fill the show.

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