Ron Paul Takes Third in Latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll

The State Column
October 16, 2011

Rep. Ron Paul continues his string of strong poll finishes with a third place finish in the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll of likely Republican voters. The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted between October 6 and 10 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.8 percentage points. Ipsos Public Affairs surveyed 410 Republicans.

Paul took third place with 13 percent of the votes. In a Reuters/Ipsos poll, conducted in June, Paul finished with 7 percent of the votes. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney finished in first with 23 percent of the votes and pizza magnate Herman Cain grabbed second with 19 percent of the votes. Texas Governor Rick Perry, who was once considered a frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, took fourth place with 10 percent of the votes. All of the other candidates finished with less than 10 percent of the votes.

A NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, conducted during the same time period, found Paul in fourth place with 11 percent of the votes. In this poll, Perry managed to grab third place with 16 percent of the votes. Cain finished in first place with 27 percent of the votes and Romney ended up in second place with 23 percent of the votes.

In a Public Policy Polling poll of likely Iowa caucusgoers, conducted between October 7 and 10, Paul place third with 10 percent of the votes. In addition to this PPP poll, poll took first in a Values Voter Summit straw poll with 37 percent of the votes last weekend. Paul also took third in a Harvard University Institute of Politics and New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College poll of likely voters in the New Hampshire Republican primary with 13 percent of the votes. This poll was conducted prior to the New Hampshire debate at Dartmouth College.

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