Ron Paul Wants You! (To Take On The Fed)

Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge
Jan 8, 2011

For all those with a penchant for crunching manipulated numbers and wish to make a change by taking on the Fed (ironically, making some fiat in the process), this may be your chance: Ron Paul, chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy subcommittee, and his chief of staff Jeff Diest are seeking to hire a young economist, “thoroughly Austrian, and preferably with an advanced degree. The candidate needs strong knowledge of the Fed and monetary policy generally, and must be an effective writer. He or she will be responsible for organizing hearings; summarizing data and Fed actions for Dr. Paul; writing statements; dealing with Financial Services committee staff; and various other tasks. Sorry Joe LaVorgna, despite your ubercreative “weather worker adjustment, you are on the exclusion list.

More from Lew Rockwell, who disclosed this job opening:

Ron and Jeff want an economist with a “strong personality to match their strong analytical skills. The Fed and its shills are significant opponents, after all. The “salary will be respectable, a solid 5 figures, though depending on experience.
Write me if you are that person, or can recommend someone. The preference, btw, is for someone with no Beltway experience. And probably you should be single. But what an opportunity to work hard, do good, and have fun. I will add, from personal experience, that Ron Paul is a great boss, too.
This can be a life-changing experience for the right young person. Imagine an 18th century classified: “Wanted, Economist-Assistant to Thomas Jefferson. This is the equivalent, although Jefferson was not as principled in office as Ron Paul.

Courtesy of Lew Rockwel, h/t Stefan