Senate turns aside new attempt to scrutinize Fed

Crooks. Pure and simple. Absolutely corrupted government, owned part & parcel by off-shore bankers.

A Reuters article about the Senate’s move to block the bill said that the Federal Reserve was “facing growing pressure as it tries to heal the ailing economy.”

In reality, the Federal Reserve has done nothing to “heal” the economy as unemployment outstrips expectations and the financial picture only looks bleaker every day. The private, run for profit Fed has taken trillions in “stimulus” funds and refused to even divulge where it has gone, even under threat of lawsuits file by Bloomberg.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Reserve, facing growing pressure as it tries to heal the ailing economy, dodged a bullet on Monday when the U.S. Senate cast aside a new effort to increase scrutiny of the central bank.

On procedural grounds, the Senate blocked a bid to permit the U.S. comptroller general, who heads the investigative arm of Congress known as the Government Accountability Office, to audit the Federal Reserve system and issue a report.

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