SHOW REVIEW: The Final Frontier

On Thursday night, 6/17/2010 I went to the Dream Theater/Iron Maiden “The Final Frontier” concert at the Cricket Wireless Pavilion here in Phoenix, AZ. After reviewing the set lists online via numerous sites, I knew that I was not going to enjoy the show. Up till about 4pm I wasn’t sure that I would even attend given that Dream Theater was only playing 6 songs. six!!!!

1. As I Am
2. A Rite Of Passage
3. Home
4. Constant Motion
5. Panic Attack
6. Pull Me Under

That’s it. That’s ~50 minutes of music. Disappointing to say the least, though them playing is still pure awesomeness. Knowing the setlist that Iron Maiden was playing I stayed for one song (The Wickerman) and then left.

Overall, I was very disappointed and felt that I wasted my money. Boo-urns.