the challenge

Back in January the company that I work for did a “Biggest Loser” contest for three months. One of my colleagues was having a lot of success with losing weight, a total of 26 lbs in 3 calendar months was his total.

Being the brave person (aka idiot) that I am, I took him on. I said I could lose more then 26 lbs in 3 calendar months. Big talk from a fat dude right?

Wrong. Today is 11 weeks (not 3 calendar months) and I am at 28 lbs. Yup, twenty eight pounds. Just by cutting out soda, eating good quality food and drinking plenty of water I made a huge dent in that number.

As my knees were feeling a shade better, I was able to incorporate working out into the plan. At first it was just lifting. Then I added in very basic cardio, just doing things like walking in place, hops forward and back, or side to side.

Next was on to doing abs with the Ab-Lounger and the mother of all killers, the burpee’s. Wow those are hard. But sets of 5 with a good break and off I went.

My next goal is to get back to running, specifically cones and short bursts similar to a few years back when I was rehabbing from knee surgery

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