the dinner party, The Right Now Version

UPDATE – In light of the stupid mess of publicity that Milo has dealt with regarding using words wrongly, but taken out of context, I still support him as a dinner guest of mine, and more importantly as a person.

I wanted to make a new post for JUST people in the right now, today’s current and most happening things, that I’d like to have dinner with.

This is my list of dinner party attendants in this fantasy world that I live :

Paul Joseph Watson
Milo Yiannopoulos
Michael Janitch AKA Dutchsinse

So I suspect I need (or want) to explain my dinner guests.

PJW (yeah, that’s what I call him) is British. ‘enough said.
Milo, well, yeah he’s British also.
Dutch, well, he’s not British. 🙁

So I was actually first introduced to Dutch’s material right around the time of Fukushima earthquake and subsequent radiological destruction of the planet. Within a few days of the event, March 11, 2011 … well shit, that happened while I was working an overnight with BFF Matt and we watched it happen on various streams. Very disturbing to have watched in near real time in the middle of the night MST.

Within a few days I found Dutch on Youtube and I’ve been a fan since. I’ve liked is HARP RING / SCALAR SQUARE research, I’ve enjoyed all of his radiation testing as well as his weather reporting. Fun stuff. But his earthquake data research and reporting has been a favorite of mine. I have been a subscriber to his Youtube channel (as linked above) for a very, very long time.

Now, next. Milo. The MILO. The twitter banned one. Nothing like being a fan of a gay conservative Brit. That stuff aside, and all of the hilarity his College Campus tour aside, I’d really want him to join us for dinner for his perspective. He’s a brilliant and fascinating man, handsome (no offense Dutch) and British. < -I think I like British men in a hetro way. (I’m drinking FWIW)

Anyways, Milo’s views (as based on his lectures) interest me not just because of the actual content, not just because he’s “controversial”, but because of his belief in two things, things that he’s ALWAYS been very upfront about.

1. America is the greatest civilization in the history of the earth. In everything it has really done in the last century plus, as a civilization that has brought REAL freedom, economic growth with the free market economy practice, for the strength and might of it’s people.

What America has done for this planet and EVERYONE on it needs to be remembered, even those who’s lives we have fucked up completely, home or abroad.

2. Free Speech. You can not have free speech if you are not willing to defend that of the people you don’t agree with. That’s my constitutionalism seeping out. Those who seek to silence opposition through the use of force DO NOT support the fundamentals of freedom of speech.

Those two points are why I like Milo and why I would invite him to dinner in my home with other guests. Also, he’s dreamy and British.

Lastly, and actually probably more importantly, is Paul Joseph Watson. I will admit that my interest in him really comes from his affiliation with & Alex Jones. Say whatever you want about Alex, he’s as passionate and driven man who built his business empire from his own mouth. I like Alex and I don’t always agree with, nor care about, some of his thoughts and feelings. But, now 10+ years since getting turned on to him by a former colleague (side note coming) I still like Alex.

The side note … that person (E.T.) is also the person who turned me on to Ron Paul. A man who’s ideology and, well nearly everything, speaks to me in such a way as it has changed me as a person, at a core belief level. I still don’t agree with some of the uses of Life and Family, but regardless you support those ideas you don’t agree as fervent as those you like. (see Milo)

I’ll get thru this, I swear. If you are reading this, I’m sorry?

So, PJW. I really like his reporting style, always seemingly fact finding. But what I really do enjoy is how he speaks and presents his ideas. His video editing alone earns him this spot. It’s his style and I have long enjoyed it.

But importantly, he asks a lot of questions while discusses topics that I feel to be important to our society. Or at least to me. He speaks well, his videos are funny to me and oh yeah, attractive British man. Sorry Milo, PJW is my man crush.

I think that with PJW, you really need to watch some of his work because it’s not just the content of him speaking. It’s some of the voices that crack me up. Also, LOL.

My summary of PJW, I enjoy his content as a reporter and I find myself ideologically interested in his message.

Funny thing about dinners … I’d never want to meet my hero’s and idol’s, the ones who’s music make me turn, that burn inside of me and are the driving essence of my existence, Dream Theater. Every time I’ve seen them live, I have always had the choice of buying the “Meet and Greet”.

My mother, many years before her passing, asked me why I never did. And I told her this very thing “You never want to lose your hero’s because they aren’t exactly what you want in real life.” Think about that.