The National Security Crime Syndicate Reveals Its Secret Hand In Texas: Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst

Saman Mohammadi
Op Ed News
May 28, 2011

The National Security Crime Syndicate Reveals Its Secret Hand In Texas: Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

This week the Texas House voted unanimously on a bill to make TSA body pat-downs a felony under the law. But the bill was prevented from passing the Senate because Texas’s Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst sneakily killed the bill and silenced the voice of the people of Texas and America.

By stabbing his colleagues and constituents in the back Dewhurst made known where his true allegiances lie: the Treasonous and Tyrannical Federal Government, the National Security Crime Syndicate, and the Obama Administration.

The National Security Crime Syndicate has an army of snakes and snoops across America’s 50 states who are willing to betray their constituents and advance the criminal interests of the powerful and traitorous Establishment in Washington. Dewhurst is one of the sleeper snakes, who is always ready to bite off the head of American Liberty at the first sign of any disturbance to the Establishment’s agenda for total control and domination of the American people.

Dewhurst is a traitor and a master at lying to the American people and covering his tracks. Paul Joseph Watson wrote about Dewhurst’s shady background on May 26, 2011:

Dewhurst is a creature of the federal government, having worked as a CIA agent and also served in the US State Department. He was also director of the state Task Force on Homeland Security.During his tenure in the CIA in the early 1970 s, Dewhurst helped the U.S. government violently overthrow democratically elected regimes in South America to plunder their oil and other resources, including the coup that helped neo-nazi Bolivian Gen. Hugo Banzer Suárez come to power. Banzer was aided by notorious Nazi Klaus Barbie, the “butcher of Lyon, who escaped France after the end of World War 2 to enter Bolivia.

Barbie, an expert in cruel and inhumane forms of torture for the purposes of interrogation, was a key CIA liaison throughout the years Dewhurst served in South America. When the Austin Chronicle asked Dewhurst whether he had enjoyed a drink with the “butcher of Lyon at the US embassy bar, he responded, “I never comment on intelligence matters.

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