The Police State is There to Protect the Bankers, Monopolies and Their Corrupt Politicians From the People

Lone Star Watch Dog

A police state is brutal, it is cruel and has no honor. It uses fear, intimidation and terror in the dark of night when we are sleeping least expecting our doors broken down with guns drawn in our faces. A police state uses extreme measures to arrest a man for unpaid parking tickets instead of using common sense approaches that were used in the past. The police state goes after the innocent and does not care about real criminals. It police state seeks to watch us online and on the streets. It feels it has the need to keep tabs on the people. We ought to learn by now when we give the government an inch they will take a mile. This is why we need to be suspicious now more then ever when we hear the politicians saying we need to give up some freedom for public safety. In the end, it is a cold blooded system that seeks to put terror in the hearts of the people and even murder to make an example of a person sending the message not to challenge the corruption in government.

The corrupt political class uses the Hegelian dielectric of problem, reaction, and solution. By the very polices they created and selective enforcement of the laws has put our nation in distress. We see this in the economy, illegal immigration, in crime and in fraud. These politicians being the servants of the robber barons have not upheld their oaths and turned a blind eye to the laws passed by congress and state legislators to create chaos so the people will cry out for a solution. The proposal is something the people find repugnant before will gladly accept it is a way to stop it. Little do the people know it was done by design to enslave the people in a Police State. All designed to break the people’s will not to fight back.

The solution once implemented only amplifies the crisis and punishes the law abiding people with check points and invasive measures into every facet in our lives. Common sense is no longer used and people will ask “why is the government bothering me?, I am not breaking any laws” Little do they know they have become guilty until proven innocent because draconian lawss and new regulations put in place outside of congress takes away the presumption of innocence. Now everyone is suspect without due process of the law. The TSA is a prime example of this type of behavior trying to break our will as a people with intrusive measures not to protect us from terrorism, but to oppress us.

The fourth and fifth amendments do not exist anymore because the Politicians say we have a war on drugs and terror. So they police will have to seize your paycheck on the side of the road because it might have been used in a drug sale if the officer does not believe the money is not the fruit of our labors. The war on drugs has not stopped the big dealers and the war on terror has not stopped terrorism. It only shows us who the real terrorist are because Osama Bin Laden and Al Quada are all CIA assets on the US government payroll before and after September 11th.

Our own government harbors the real terrorist giving aid and comfort to promote a fabled enemy as the threat to us as the terrorist. Those who are a perceived threat are only an illusion for public consumption. The real threat is who the people look to protect them. It is the US Government and Bankers they work for thanks to corrupt politicians being paid off to do their bidding. The bankers and corporate robber barons are the ones who use the force of government to subdue the population so they can loot the nation using this phony threat. The very same bankers also launder drug money too aiding and abetting the US government who ships in the drugs that is supposed to be illegal. These laws only help the lawbreakers and punish the law abiding.

A message to occupy wall street protesters. I know there are some operatives trying to make it a socialist movement calling for bigger government and attacking the productive people in America with crushing taxes. They do not understand it was big government and it intrusive policies that have caused this crisis in our economy doing the bidding of the robber barons. These foundations the Robber Barons fund have been undermining the foundations of America lobbying for a police state control grid. The other group of people occupying Walls Street who have the right idea is ending the Federal Reserve Bank, the wars and the IRS. It is very diverse group of group there. This should be a wake up call to all there. The Police do not care who you are. They are there to protect to the ruling class from being brought to justice.

When we seen Scott Olson being seriously wounded by a rubber bullet in Oakland by the Cops. When we see Denver Police just attack people at random peaceably assembling. When we see people arrested at a bank in New York for just closing their accounts. We see the Military and FEMA conducting drills to control civil unrest. When we see the TSA groping old ladies. People are put on special list because the government does not like their political persuasion. Soon they cannot buy a gun, fly and soon will not be able to get a job because the government blackballed them. When homeland security puts out publications for local police to classify certain groups of people who advocate a free society and honest money over government intervention as political subversives. The government has turns its guns on the people because the government declared us the enemy now and not the real criminals in the system. What was legal is now against the law. Evil is now good and good is now evil. We seen this at the WTO conference in Seattle in 2000 of the Police Protecting the thieves in three piece suits. We seen this again recently in Pittsburgh at the G20 conference. Police abusing people, protecting the Robber Barons from the people who are victim of their crimes.

These police state is been planned and orchestrated by the bankers and corporate robber barons for one reason. When they implode the economy and loot the wealth of the nation through the force of government. They want to make sure the people are disarmed and without defense . That is not working at all. The popularity of the private gun ownership is on the rise. That will be a problem for them. They worked to put a grid in place to make sure the people of this nation never bring the politicians, bankers and corporate robber barons to justice. So if you are one of those people who think police using brute force in the name of the war on crime,terrorism and drugs is a good thing. It has nothing to do with it at all. A police state is not there for our own safety. It is for our own demise so we never stand up to the criminality in high places with low IQ goons being their rear guard. That is a police state up close and personal.