The upside to downsizing

Well, it finally happened again. In 2003 I was downsized from IBM/Amex and it was a blessing. I took a year off from working to spend some time developing my business and working on my skills (and drinking in the hot tub). In October of 2004 I started working for ILI and have had a great time there, working my ass off and accomplishing a lot.

Last Monday (11/10/08) I was downsized from ILI in an economic move to try and save the company from self destructing. I’ve always understood how business work and the fact that they had laid off nearly half of their staff since July 5th was a sign of trouble. I didn’t necessarily think it was my time, but its OK to me.

I know it’s for the best and I am moving forward with my life. I do now know what the inside of a hand basket looks like … 🙂