This Capricorn Man and Love

There are a number of blogs that I’ve written about myself, in the perspective of being a Capricorn. You can search them if you feel the desire to read my ramblings.

So I wanted to write a little something more about the love side of how I feel I am. This may/may not apply to other Capricorns, but this is a pretty good wide swing …

There are 3 (three) things that are important to me when it comes to relationships :

  • 1. Time Together
  • 2. Schedule’s
  • 3. Sleep Habits
  • Let me explain these a little bit:

    Time Together with your partner is very important. To me it’s the most important part, I want to make time for them because I care. Also, as a Capricorn male, I feel the compulsive behavior to keep a schedule going.

    It may sound cold but I really want to know that I’ll be seeing my lovely lady on X day of the week at Y time so I can be prepared, however that is. Maybe it’s flowers. Maybe it’s being early at dinner so I can ensure a great seat and service.

    This is a feature of this Capricorn. We like to make sure that things are neat, orderly and done the way we want. There’s little more frustrating to me then having to deal with the bullshit of life when I get 2 hours a week to see my special someone.

    Schedule’s are very important to this Capricorn because I want to be able to see that someone special and develop a chemistry with them. This is very difficult to do when you work nights and they work days.

    You can’t develop a relationship when you don’t spend time with them, contrary to everything my parents told me (they hated each other).

    Sleep Habits are paramount. I know there are some readers who don’t believe in premarital anything, and good for you. This Capricorn, strong and climbing, has to sleep sometime. And if my special someone and I can’t sleep together in such a way that we both feel refreshed upon waking, then neither person is going to be happy.

    I’ve come to understand that I am lighter sleeper then my special someone. Not her fault and there is nothing she can do about it. Likewise, she is a deep sleeper and has a tendency to shake/tremor while sleeping. This causes friction because I’m not sleeping well and she is, and then in the morning I’m pissy and she’s being blamed for something she isn’t even aware of.

    You have to be on the same page here. I think that’s pretty straight forward.

    With all that being said, let it be noted that this Capricorn Male is strong. He knows what he wants, he is analytical. He will climb the mountain, push on a slow and steady course.

    There are a lot of us out there, dedicated to ourselves, wanting to love truly and deeply. Find one, keep’em.

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