War for THE WORLD, Metallica One | 2020

Metallica’sOne” is an AMAZINGLY real representation of a complete song and accompanying video, to the point of guessing which came first.

One” is an excellent example of a well-crafted composition of factual life circumstances and the reality of the horrible aftermath of war.

The composition, from a metal perspective, is fantastic. Completely well-done song. IIRC this was Metallica’s first music video, amazing cinematography.

Keep in mind this is back when MTV (no link for you, clowns) actually played music videos. Seems like so long ago now.

The reason I am posting about the song comes down to my thoughts on how great the video is, to the level where I’d grade it A++. It is a visual essay of the reality of war and the aftermath.

One is an excellent discussion point of the horrors of war and the video itself is the reconstitution of the life-altering, life destruction, of the horrible pain it brings.

It has taken factual pieces of war reporting, a collection of atrocities that one can suffer, and stitched them together to accurately portray the reality of Man’s hunger for power.

And power is a great word to describe the acoustics of One, and in a lot of ways, it highlights how the drums are as important as the guitars in showing just how to eff’d this reality is.

While I have long felt that the intro to Master of Puppets is my favorite, sometime I will talk about it some.

Not to get off-topic, but the fact that Youtube is Killing Video’s annoys the shit out of me, as I have A LOT of posts about music that I like.

When you get some time, check out the video of Metallica’s “One“, it’s really worth the time.

Metallica One Cover