when dating goes … right?

Those who know me tend to think I’m a womanizer in that I tend to go through chicks rather quickly and never really care about them. While that has it’s extents of the truth, I just tend to view them as objects more then people. I bring this up because this was part of a conversation last night on a date (who goes out on a date on Monday night, seriously?) with an incredibly awesome chick.

Most women I date get a nickname, keeps it much more impersonal. I like it that way and since I seem to roll through a few here and there, it’s easier to remember a nickname then a real name. I say this because as a change here, I told her that I have no nickname for her, she’s “insert name here” and that’s the way it is.

That’s respect for a women, the opposite of womanizing and shows to me (and those that know me) that when I’m actually interested in someone, I can extend that part of my personality without hesitation. It also doesn’t hurt that we spent a week talking, mainly via email, about ourselves and asking questions. So I felt that I knew her pretty well when we went out. Another positive.

I think of this as a huge step towards normalization and self realization. The only problem is that when I talk to Mr. E about it, he’s going to destroy me over it. I can’t wait.