why I sleep alone

I was talking with someone a few days ago about the knee pain that I suffer, how long it’s been going on, etc. Someone familiar with the situation if you will. During the conversation I was asked to give some examples of my condition or to support my theory.

1. I take requip for restless leg. Sleeping is uncomfortable without it.
2. Sheets. I have to use soft sheets. Anything else bothers my legs that already feel like crap. Legs a move, me not a happy.
3. Side foot corner. If looking at the bed, the left bottom corner (closest to me) has to be flat, no peaks. It is distracting.
4. I have to arrange my legs under the top sheet and blanket, or just not have a sheet.
5. If not using a sheet, the beddings have to be pushed to the other side of the bed because my legs can’t touch them.
6. I swear I’m not bat shit crazy.
7. I snore fairly loudly (I’m told and believe).
8. I have a giant Honeywell HEPA filtering unit in the room, creates white noise.
9. I listen to either Dream Theater or Type O Negative on my iPod dock.

I have had knee problems since I was born. At points in my childhood I had to wear leg braces very similar to those used in Forest Gump. I tore my ACL at 16 while playing varsity soccer.

I was playing sweeper, ball came in hot at 10 yards from half and as I swung thru the ball one of the forwards from the other team ran through my leg. I was on the ground for 5 minutes, then went to the sideline. Trainer put some rub on it that was likely illegal in the country and back out I went. I played 55 minutes with a torn ACL.

I was later X-rayed and told “don’t be a pussy, give it a couple weeks”. I was playing 4 weeks after tearing my ACL, still torn but not known. Mind you this was before MRI’s were prevalent for people that weren’t professional athletes.

As an adult I’ve suffered multiple knee contusions and have had four surgeries (1 left, 3 right) to have them repaired. I have very little cartilage in my right knee now. Any sort of movement that requires kneeling, squatting or sitting improperly is very painful.

And the last, and worst part of my knee problems, I’ve overweight. And that makes it even more painful. Bad enough that you have to look to alternative medicine for solutions.

Put all of that together, and you get why I sleep alone.

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