Why Should Veterans Day and Memorial Day Be a National Holiday If The US Government Sees All Former Military as Terrorist?


I just have to wonder is Veterans Day and Memorial Day a national Holiday where government workers get a paid day off when Homeland Security calls all veterans potential domestic terrorist. It just shows our President does the dog and pony show placing the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier or walks the beach of Normandy. It just shows the disingenuous attitude our government has towards the men and women who fought and died for our freedom. We are the only country in the world who does not take care of our veterans. It is a national disgrace and a dishonor to those who died in battle. As far as I am concerned about politicians paying lip service. President Obama is not worthy to change a bed pan at the VA hospital, wipe the hind end of these warriors he ordered into battle for Israel and the bankers.

The government may smile and say thank you. But the reality is. The politicians who want more power hate our veterans. Our US Government always seen veterans as a threat to them. They are well trained.especially the returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. These men are experienced and battle hardened. This is why they try their best to deny the right to keep and bear arms to as many veterans they can. The VA has a program that offers a free Psychiatric evaluation who will revoke a veteran’s conceal and carry permit if he says he was depressed. No due process or nothing. They do not like veterans owning guns because we know how to use them.

Think about this too. Our government has a policy that they do not negotiate with terrorist. Then the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars along with other veterans groups who lobby congress should be classified as terrorist organizations along with Hamas. So why does the government still charter them if they represent terrorist or potential domestic insurgents? Why does the government get a paid holiday off to honor a group of people who served with honor and distinction they do not care about anymore? But see as a threat to them.

For all those people who work for any Alphabet Soup agency. Especially Homeland Security. To those who work for DHS, please return your holiday pay please? If you think veterans are potential domestic terrorist. Then take the day off without pay instead. You do you country good by leaving the veterans alone for one day. If they think the veterans are such a threat to national security, then there should be a bill in congress now making Veterans Day and Memorial Day a national holiday no more because it honors terrorist. Why, they no longer give any care to the veterans and covered up experiments that caused permanent disability and death. So if the US Government hates the veterans and no longer appreciates them. Then abolish the national holiday. Let we the people celebrate this holiday because we will show our gratitude to them. But It should not be a paid holiday for government workers if they no longer care about these veterans because they see them as terrorist.

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