What I don’t have …

* Someone to tell me when 9 shots of sake is enough
* Someone to keep me from getting blacked out [2]
* Someone to pull me out of my hell (that’s optional)
* Someone to break the glass of this prison that confines me
* Someone to listen to DT with me [1]
* Someone to go see DT with me (but thanks Brad for being accommodating)[1]
* Someone to help me forget
* Someone to be real, cause this what I seek is a fucking unicorn, and they don’t exist !!!!!!
* And someone, pretty please of lord that I don’t believe in, that I can have a fucking conversation with (sub note said person should not weight 400 lbs, have small orbiting objects or yard apes)

[1]I eat, sleep and breath DT. I’d be dead already if not.
[2] for those that have tried to drink with me, I’ve yet to meet Mr. Blackout
[oh, and like the title states, me > *]

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