“Right and wrong are just words, it’s what you do that matters.”
“Sometimes you’ve got to be wrong and learn the hard way.”
“Dignity is showing your worthiness when others are undermining you.”
“Just when you’re through hanging on, you realize you have been forsaken.”
“Strength makes you who you are and shines a light in your darkness.”
“To be a man, you have to have Honor, Integrity and Intelligence.”
“The strength of your mind is stronger then that of any fist.”
“Sometimes doing the right thing hurts more then doing the easy thing.”
“That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear someday.”
“Having morals and standards doesn’t mean you are egotistical or righteous.
“If you want to be the man, you must prove you are a man.”
“Good and evil are separated by the perspective you are viewing it from.”
“Sometimes it’s best not to speak when no one listens to you.”
“Loyalty is standing tall when betrayal looks you in the eyes.”
“Reshuffling the chairs on the deck of the Titanic doesn’t change the outcome.”
“Sometimes when you think you are strong, the mirror tells you so.”
“The truth is the truth and the only thing you can do is live with it.”

-antidote collection, originals @2008