About the Biases, Paradigms & Thinking. Moderately Provoking | 2020

I do so love my ridiculously non-sequitur thoughts that I post here. Typically they are related to something in a conversation I am having with a friend. So let me set the context.

The concept and ideas surround paradigms, the biases that we have, and how having rational thoughts, being capable of thinking for yourself, are all lost arts.

The thing about this quote, about biases, comes directly from talking with someone so trapped in their left-right paradigm that they aren’t capable of thinking anything that’s not boasted about by media.

I covered what would be my most favorite version of this in It’s a going problem. Idiot’s trapped and full of shit.

�Just remember, you don�t want me to play your game, but that you want to see the game and know how to play it.�

Bias, bigot, one sided, unfair icon
Bias, bigot, one sided, unfair icon