Andrew Napolitano Calls on Jeff Sessions to Prosecute Hillary Clinton For ‘Espionage’

Judge Andrew Napolitano wishes the Department of Justice would hurry up and bring charges against Hillary Clinton already.

Yesterday, almost a dozen Republican congressmen signed a criminal referral asking the DOJ to launch new investigations into a host of former Obama officials and other fresh GOP foes. Clinton is the prime target of the referral, though the GOP is also demanding probes on figures like Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe.

In terms of whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions will take action, Napolitano joined Fox & Friends on Thursday to say “I wish he would.”

“The evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s guilt of espionage, failure to safeguard state secrets – that’s the 22 or 23 top secret pieces of information that were on her private server – the failure to do that, the evidence of guilt is overwhelming.”

Napolitano went on to talk about the “serious felonies on [Clinton’s] part” and how she shouldn’t be immune from prosecution. He also said that Comey has undermined his rationale for not bringing charges against her over the course of his ongoing media tour.

In the end, however, Napolitano says he doubts the DOJ will go after Clinton “contrary to all reason.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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