Happy Birthday Monster (2018)

Today, April the 12th, is Monsters 16th (sixteenth) birthday. Pretty damn good for a little lobster of a Ragdoll.

Monster is an incredible cat that, oddly enough, and it’s been a great ride with him. I’ve had him for 1/3rd (one third) of my life. He’s as apart of me as Brandy Rai was, or still is. I’m saddened that it took me till 2016 to really get to know him and learn about it.

That’s when he got sick with hyperthryoidism. I finally learned what it was that he was meowing about all the time. I started to pay more attention to his diet. I made it a priority to attend to him before Truffle and Sho.

Monster is as great of a companion cat as you can get. A true Ragdoll. Very loving and very dedicated to me. He’s strong, tough, resilient and most importantly, I’ve had the chance to be with him and be his life for all of this time.

Love you Lobster.


I know at some point I will have to let go, I don’t want that to be today.

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