Best Actors of our generation

I was thinking about this recently, who are the best actors of our/my generation. I thought long and hard, and while in no certain order, here’s what I think

  • Johnny Depp — What can you say about him? You forget you are watching him when he is immersed in a role. Captain Jack, Donnie Brasco, George Jung in Blow and who can forget What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Boys got skills.
  • Gary Oldman — The quintessential bad guy. I loved him in The Fifth Element and he was equally incredible in The Professional. And to think, he can even do a good guy like Commissioner Gordon in the new Batman movies. Plus he’s done a billion other roles as well or better, you just don’t realize it.
  • Edward Norton — For my money, he’s tied with Depp. Most people don’t realize just how talented Norton is. Primal Fear, Fight Club and likely the best bit of acting in my generation, his dark and disturbing portrayal of Derek Vinyard in American History X. To top that, he’s been in 25th Hour, The Italian Job, Kingdom of Heaven, The Illusionist and the Incredible Hulk
  • Matt Damon — I know this will seem to be a odd choice, but Damon has done a good job managing his career and making very good movies. He’s done funny (Chasing Amy, Dogma, Ocean’s movies). He’s done action (Bourne series, Saving Private Ryan) and he’s done drama (The Departed, The Good Shepherd, Syriana, The Talented Mr. Ripley & Green Zone.).