Containment, Isolation & Much Suffering | 2020

I wondered to myself the other day :

How long in containment is too long? How much suffering is enough, or not too much enough? How much isolation is really necessary?

Why haven’t I, Nah can’t I, break out of that?

Alas, the reality is just that, filled with wandering question’s that have no real answer, that is concealed in a haze of fog, that has no edge to be found.

Yet the exit is seemingly right in front of you, all around you, but you can not see it, touch it, escape from it.

When you hurt too much, it’s best to hide away from everyone, as to not bring to bear the immense pain and darkness that comes from it upon those who do not deserver it.

Or did not play a part in its creation?

I once wrote about the ideas in Source Field.

Regardless, my solution? I don’t know. I probably ask myself more infinite questions.

I don’t mean this as a joke, but given the lack of posting I have done, it should help the one bot that will scan this some sort of fodder.

Containment, Isolation & Much Suffering