Desert Island Part V

In another follow up to the orginal post and then the second shot at it, and then the third shot at it .. oh and the fourth one … I wanted to see how my tastes, if at all, have changed over the last two years.

So if I were to be stuck listening to only 5 albums for ever, what would they be …

    1. Dream Theater Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour – Live With the Octavarium Orchestra
    2. Course of Empire Initiation
    3. Type O Negative Dead Again
    4. White Zombie La Sexorcito
    5. Machines of Loving Grace Gilt

White Zombie moves up to #4 while Slayer drops out. New addition here is the MoLG classic album Gilt. Very complete album that typically was around #7 in the list.

See, some things never change.

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