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I was thinking to myself the other night What 3 or 4 CDs would I want with me if I was trapped on a desert island with a CD player, headphones and unlimited batteries?. It got me to thinking

1. Course of Empire – Initiation
The first time I heard this album, I was stunned. One of the most talented and best overall bands that almost no one has ever heard of. The music is incredible, including the odd usage of dual drummers (both overlapping and alternating). Great, great, great album. I never got to see them in concert, majorly disappointing. They broke up in 2004 IIRC. This album is a treasured gift. The remake of “Blue Moon” they do is absolutely dreamy.

2. Kings X – Kings X
Absolutely my most favorite album, head to toe. It is the most complete album Ive ever heard with no track that I dislike or doesnt sound right to me. Progressive rock at its best. Its a masterpiece and well worth having in my list. I didn’t care for it at first, but after 10 years with it, it’s a goto album for me.

3. Godflesh – Songs of Love & Hate
Freezer turned me on to these guys a long time ago. Never really much liked them, but as I became more mature in my musical tastes, this album has shone a very interesting light. It’s agressive, methodical, grinding. It’s just hard, raw and incredible.

4. Switchblade Symphony – Serpentine Gallery
Another stunning album that mixes up goth with slow rhythmic beats to create unique sounds. Excellent female vocals and the songs are deep in meaning and texture. They have a slighly odd school gothic sound to them. It’s a very beautiful album.

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