I wish I had something I wanted to say … some social commentary on how Antifa is a domestic terrorist group (it is) … about how orange man bad (he is). I just, just have enjoyed this time with Taco, Shiro and Bugs. I’ve been given some extra time with Truffle. I spoil him, I give him whatever I can, whenever I can. He’s such an important part of me, all 15 years of having him in my live.

I’ve lost his two brothers in the last year. The Champion Lion and the Shrimp. It was such a shock, I can’t place words on losing the big guy. Even having gotten Shiro, I’d given so much to have kept Sho-Sho. He was my baby, my boy. Everything I ever possibly wanted. He was greater then the great one, Mr. Brandy Rai..

I made the mistake saying it aloud, a few times. So that they all heard it. I cursed myself with my love for such an amazing cat, who always and only wanted to please his dad. Always wanted on my lap. Always wanted to lay next to me in bed.

Sho was the everything.

And while I celebrate Taco Tuesday every week with the lil guy, ain’t none of the boys as amazing as Sho.

And while I spent a lot of capital to secure and bring home Shiro, he ain’t in the same league as Sho …

And that’s why I haven’t posted so much. I’m still awash in emotions, sadness. I’d emote it to Darkness and Hope, minus the hope.