Stupidity supreme, thx Pocahontas |2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) (AKA Pocahontas) does not believe it should be a criminal offense to cross the border illegally, she said during an interview with the California Nation podcast, which was posted Monday.

“I think that the whole notion of criminalizing the approach to coming across the border without documentation is not making anybody any safer. We just need to be in a different position on this,” she said, downplaying the number of criminals and drug traffickers who take advantage of the porous border.

“It’s really important on immigration that we concentrate our resources on the people who pose threats to us, and that’s not children,” she continued.

[editors note] Pocahontas be cray-cray, just like our politics [/editors note]

Pocahontas be cray-cray | 2006