Ideas on Free Speech

I support everyone’s right to free speech, so long as it doesn’t violate laws, like incitement of crime (kill this person, etc) regardless of how smart, stupid or whatever it is. I don’t care. It’s the libertarian side of me.

Hate speech is fictitious. There is no such thing. What I may define that way, another won’t. Let the market of free ideas and free thought dictate what our society thinks is appropriate.

Unless you are targeting someone or specifically violating the law (like yelling fire in a movie theater, as example), ultimately no one gives a crap.

The problem with people who try to restrict free speech is that they’re idiots. They do not grasp the concept of what free-speech is. Free-speech is the expression of ideas regardless of how people except them, within scope as defined per law.

Hate speech is infinitely stupider because you’re subjecting what a person or group of people believe to be OK to say and dictate the tone of society. What if one person or group believes that a particular word or phrase is inappropriate whereas the rest of society doesn’t.

That’s the problem with hate speech. You cannot define something as an abstract set of words but rather what is socially appropriate. Words will eventually fade from society, as remnants of a time long gone. This has happened as long as we have had spoken language.

Some words hold power over another, are good vs bad, etc. Society changes, so does the verbiage used.

So what?

Here is my convoluted point. You can not dictate what other people say. It’s stupid to even think that you can. Get off your high, moronic horse. And then proceed to go F yourself.