The Other Side of the Downward Spiral – Losing It |2019

Losing someone is hard. Losing yourself is harder. Falling into a downward spiral of addiction and self-loathing.

Just wanted to make a note since I hadn’t posted in a long while. This year has been tremendously hard on me. More like incredibly shitty.

I’ve lost someone who I loved beyond love, who was such an important part of my life. A life that will never be the same without that, as cliche as that is.

I have had personal issues with abuse and getting over that, twice. Well, at least admitting to it was a major step.

It’s been a shitty fucking year and I’m so hopeful that all of the pain and suffering I’ve had to endure, self-inflicted or not, will bring a better year.

A fresh start where I can move forward, or at least no longer backward or sideways. That, that will make me post more.

To boot, I wrote The Code & New Direction years ago to help myself with these types of issues. Note to self, you are a dummy.

The Other Side of the Downward Spiral - Losing It