LED bulbs for the NSX

So I decided that I wanted to upgrade the bulbs in the NSX, both the ones on the interior and the exterior. The reason was the passenger side Front Position Bulb went dead. I ended up ordering a series of bulbs from superbrightleds.com.

This is a list of what I ordered and how many you need plus the location. I’ve been very pleased with the white as it’s a crisp white, really nice.

Quantity: 6
Product: 3022-x4 LED Festoon bulb $ 1.89 (each)
Options: Cool White 3022-CW4 0.95
Use: Interior doors (2), driver footwell, dome light (2) and trunk

Quantity: 2
Product: 921-x9 Wedge Base LED bulb $ 1.95 (each)
Options: White 921-W9 1.75
Use: License Plate Bulbs

Quantity: 2
Product: WLED-x6 LED bulb $ 2.79 (each)
Options: Cool White WLED-CW6 0.95
Use: Front position bulbs (aka parking lights)

Quantity: 2
Product: WLED-x6 LED bulb $ 2.79 (each)
Options: Red WLED-R6
Use: Rear Side Signals

Quantity: 2
Product: WLED-x6 LED bulb $ 2.79 (each)
Options: Amber WLED-A6
Use: Front Side Signals

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