So it’s been a few months now that I’ve been at home for the most part, and I can’t begin to explain how bored I am getting. I went through my routines this morning …

  • Checked UI to ensure filed and accepted
  • Checked email on hotmail, yahoo, personal and responded as per usual.
  • Checked (my site) to answer questions.
  • Checked HSX for stock performance.
  • Errantly went to bank to grab money via UI.
  • Filled up the NSX, $1.99 a gallon (91 octane).
  • Spent an hour working on job postings, sending in resumes and researching.
  • Listened to a days worth of podcasts from FHF & Big O and Dukes.
  • Watched a movie (figure 1.45 hours).

Well, that about takes me up till this post. My life is getting too lame.

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