This is what happens when you buy a old car

I recently purchased a 1991 Acura NSX from a great friend of mine and I have really enjoyed the car. It’s sleek, sexy, rare and a blast. BUT, getting it up to the level that I find to be expected has been a challenge.

Before going on too far, last night in a conversation with Mr. E, he commented to me that he would not question ever buying a vehicle from me because he knew the level of dedication I have to my rides and the maintenance level I keep them in. He went as far as to say that he wouldn’t even buy a Blender from me without spending considerable time checking it out, but would buy one of my cars without ever looking at it. I appreciated that and I know it’s true.

So I bring the car home the weekend of Thanksgiving and have had to put a lot of time and money to bring it up to my level. So here’s a list of things I’ve done that to get it there.

  • Replaced trunk struts
  • Replaced front and rear brakes & rotors
  • Replaced windshield weather stripping
  • Replaced TCS unit (tracking control)
  • Replaced Main replay (controls engine startup)
  • Replaced battery (severe corrosion)
  • Replaced battery terminals (severe corrosion)
  • Replaced ashtray cover (horrible condition)

I still have a lot to do on the car, like new tires, new B-pillars (scratched to hell), new seats (both are in bad shape) and install new ECU (tuned). In addition to that stuff, I’ve done a few other things to get the car in top notch shape.

  • Got the windows tinted
  • Replaced speakers and sub
  • Replaced front badge
  • Installed HID lights
  • Replaced all bulbs with LED’s
  • Installed stainless brake lines
  • Installed racing pedals
  • Installed iPod adapter for stock unit

See why Mr. E would buy the car straight up?

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