Obama Least Popular President In 4 Decades

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December 18, 2013

A new Washington Post/ABC poll released today shows that Obama is the least popular president in 39 years:

The president’s overall approval rating stands at 43 percent, while disapproval is at 55 percent.

Obama ends his fifth year in office with lower approval ratings than almost all other recent two-term presidents. At this point in 2005, for example, former president George W. Bush was at 47 percent positive, 52 percent negative. All other post-World War II presidents were at or above 50 percent at this point in their second terms, except Richard M. Nixon, whose fifth year ended in 1973 with an approval rating of 29 percent because of the Watergate scandal that later brought impeachment and his resignation.

Why is Obama so unpopular?

Because – as horrible as Bush was – Obama is worse than Bush in favoring the super-elite, bailing out the big banks, protecting financial criminals, targeting whistleblowers, keeping government secrets, trampling our liberties and starting military conflicts in new countries.

Obama is even worse than Bush in redistributing wealth from the American people to a handful of fatcats and spying on Americans.

Obama is also worse than Bush in appointing cronies to powerful government positions.

Americans now realize that Obama is not following the will of the people.

Moreover, having a sell-out president Obama after a sell-out president Bush has shown the people that neither mainstream parties represents them.

Indeed, both the mainstream Republican and Democratic parties are virtually identical regarding core issues including:

  • Allowing the trampling of our liberty and see this
  • Launching preemptive war and aggression
  • Re-distributing the nation’s wealth from the people to the ultra-elite
  • Bailing out the giant banks while shafting the little guy
  • Otherwise selling out to the big banks (and see this)
  • Any apparent difference is just a scripted show.

    Under both Republican and Democratic politicians, both the rule of law and free market capitalism have been trashed.

    In reality, we no longer have free market capitalism. Instead, we have socialism for the rich and sink-or-swim capitalism for everyone else. Conservatives see the socialism half of this equation, and liberals see the laissez faire free market half. Both liberals and conservatives hate crony capitalism. Look here, here,here.

    People have lost faith in the 2 party system.

    Note: The poll numbers for Congress are even worse.

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