RSA issues non-denying denial of NSA deal to favor flawed crypto code

Jeremy Brooks
Ars Technica
December 24, 2013

RSA has issued a statement denying allegations stemming from Friday’s bombshell report that the encryption software provider received $10 million from the National Security Agency (NSA) in exchange for making a weak algorithm the preferred one in its BSAFE toolkit.

The press release went live on Sunday, two days after Reuters said the secret contract was part of an NSA campaign to embed encryption software that the agency could break into widely used computer products. RSA’s statement was worded in a way that didn’t clearly contradict any of the article’s most damaging accusations. For instance:

Recent press coverage has asserted that RSA entered into a “secret contract” with the NSA to incorporate a known flawed random number generator into its BSAFE encryption libraries. We categorically deny this allegation.

We have worked with the NSA, both as a vendor and an active member of the security community. We have never kept this relationship a secret and in fact have openly publicized it. Our explicit goal has always been to strengthen commercial and government security.

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