Let me be clear; When you give up your “God” given rights to others who have no interest in preserving yours, who’s only goal is to subvert and suppress you, they will never, ever, have your personal interests in mind as they put their boot down on you.

Safe Home

Unrelated to anything going on in the world, I feel increasingly isolated from the world. When I work from home, I get so much more done. I feel alive and free, unconfined in my actions.


Alas, reality is just that, filled with wandering question’s that have no real answer, that are concealed in a haze of fog, that has no edge to be found. Yet the exit is seemingly right in front of you, but you can not see it, touch it, escape from it.

Ideas on Free Speech

The problem with people who try to restrict free speech is that they’re idiots. They do not grasp the concept of what free-speech is. Free-speech is the expression of ideas regardless of how people except them, within scope as defined per law.