And The Band Plays On |2024

And the band plays on…

This year has been very rough for us. We had a lot of loss and it�s very difficult to discuss it. What�s the level? Yeah, if you’ve ever felt like demons were circling over your head, just waiting for you. Just waiting for you to make a mistake.

And this is not a new statement but it is a true statement that, it just doesn�t stop. It�s the pain and suffering the punishment it just never stops. And there are the demons that circle us.

In this world, it never stops raining shit. It’s like Golgatha up in this shit, for a lack of a better term.

I did not want to, and yes I have hesitated TREMENDOUSLY to post this. I can’t state that any further strongly…

We lost Shiro on 30 October 2023, which was the combination of all of the shit raining down on us, down on me. He was very ill, and very destined to leave me. For fuck sake, he was only 4.5 years old.

As my buddy Punis would say “�Ma�am, I�m sorry I�m going to get you wet right now, but I can�t help it. It�s just not fair.�

But I digress.

Shibby was my homie. He would spend his days around me, wherever I was. When I was working, he was in the cat condo in my office or just sleeping on the floor somewhere around my desk.

Shibby was my homie. When we were in the kitchen, he�d often would stand up with his giant ass frame, able to place his paws on the counter. If I was on the couch without Jessica, Shibby was on the center console right next to me, often with his head on my shoulder.

Shibby was my homie. He loved when K.W. Turner was over for dinner. He�d be in and out of the legs of K.W., pawing at him for attention. For some loving petting.

And while Shibby didn�t sleep on the bed nightly like the Wise Men had, he was always around me. He was such an amazing kitty.

Oh the Wise Men. How I miss those two. They were� I trailed off in my mind, knowing that was a worser place to go versus where I was in now. I couldn�t get trapped there.

Welcome to my hell. This is the reality we all live in. It just never stops. It’s like an ever lasting gobstopper. Except it’s just pain. But more pain soon, I promise ya that.

And The Band Plays On
And The Band Plays On
And the Shiro played on and on and on and on....
And the Shiro played on and on and on and on….
And the Shiro played on and on and on and on....
And the Shiro played on and on and on and on….

And yet… The Band Plays On, and On and On… And I cried more and more and more… Many thanks to The Sisters of Mercy’s most excellent Doctor Jeep for some thematic ideas.