Sho Rai – The Day My Heart Was Broken |2024

Oh, Sho Rai, it’s 4 January, and you know what that means. Yes, it’s that “end” to the most painful time of the year. The one that’s a beating by whomever, if not for the sake of remembering that The World Kicks Me In The Junk.

And when we say “The World Kicks Me In The Junk“, yeah, we mean that shit. Oh, how losing my Sho killed my soul and set forth a tidal wave of emotional transformations that even trying to articulate them would cause such an immense toll that…

We can not live there, even if we want to. It would be a path straight to hell, purgatory, or the DMV.

On 4 January 2019, I lost my Sho Rai. The Sho Rai. My Sho Rai. Yes, my… He was the wisest of my Wise Men. He was the King of Kings, the King amongst the mortals. A real Triple H.

I wish to see Sho Rai again, not in pictures, but in the next life. I hope to see Sho Rai, Shiro Rai, Brandy Rai, Monster, and Truffle. All my rockstars… but none more everything that Sho Rai.

My Sho Rai truly was the GOAT, far and away. Sho Rai was my guy. Yup, my guy. He was the wisest of the Wise Men. A master. Such a phenomenal, memorable GOAT.

What I wouldn’t give to see you again, to spend time with you sleeping on my lap or just next to me. Oh, there is just so much I’d give up for that. And perhaps I continue to do that daily, hoping to see you again, my friend.

But until that time, I get to live here at the DMV.

Sho Rai
My Absolute Favorite Pic of Sho Rai