Political Correctness Violates First Amendment Free Speech

By Duane Graham
July 9, 2011

Our distractions are so many that it is sometimes hard to tell what is happening. Television, kids, relatives, jobs and everyday life are enough to suck the life out of the average individual and render us into a vegetative stupor by the time we get to the part of the day where we can relax and ground ourselves out.

Some days never reach the grounding state but we know we need to let go of the doom and gloom just long enough to take a look around, take a breath and capture the moment just before we dive back into the chaos we call life.

It strikes me that we are all tired of political correctness. Being nice and respectful is one thing but political correctness is detrimental to our health.

It causes stress and contributes to the impression of tacit approval for oppressive politicians, bankers and other criminals to commit crimes against us knowing that we will not say anything or even worse, we will not act in our own behalf or defense.

This is a very effective programming tool used by the media to confuse and conceal the intent of our oppressors. The doubts that these manipulators create, tend to keep everyone scattered and thinking that’s there is nothing that can be done, so let it all go and let others deal with it.

I guess the point here is, where do we draw the line? Do we continue to be too tired to say that enough is enough or do we allow our jobs, our families and our hard work to be drained away by these parasites until we are shriveled and lifeless drones that only perform like dancing bears.

Our Bill of Rights may shed some light on this,
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This is pretty clear isn’t it? It says nothing about being politically correct or having oppressive polices inflicted on us. Policies are not laws. They are a corporate means to an end.

This is a tool to get us to comply with corporate direction which is rooted in how to get your money and keep you paying. These non-laws, are presented to you with authority and firm unwavering voices so you will be intimidated into complying.

This political correctness is designed to keep your eyes down and tuck your tail between your legs so you are not a threat to the “order¯ that is being forced upon us. A common practice used by the oppressors is to set you up to be humiliated by an “authority¯ figure.

This is the case especially if you have an opinion, a different perspective or disagree with what is going on. At this point you are a labeled as a trouble maker and are rebuked for being a jerk, in front of your peers.

If this doesn’t work, more drastic measures are used to discredit you and put you on the outside of the “in¯ crowd¦ to cut you from the herd so you will not upset the sheep.

Brow beating the masses into a dazed and confused state is a major part of the process for enslavement. Making you conform to speaking “politically correct¯, is a part of it.
Be conscious of what they are doing to you when the language you use is manipulated into fluff and meaningless drivel.

Our First Amendment is clear. There is no mention of political correctness at all. We must speak honestly balanced with respect to communicate the truth of our situation.

This may be done with respect for ourselves and others. The real correctness is in our ability to express the truth and stand up for ourselves.

We are Not Slaves.

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