politics part II

Most of my friends know that I used to be a conservative republican EVEN though I am heavily tattooed and well, weird. But while I am as such, I have always leaned a little to the left on certain social issues, which when looked at in contrast to my personality, it’s obvious why. So, here’s the short list …
* Sexual Education: I’m all in on this. Students need to understand the ramifications to their actions and just how screwed up their life will be if they don’t practice safe sex. Whatever your definition of safe sex is, I don’t care as long as we move away from teen pregnancies and teen abortions as a form of birth control.

* Abortion: As noted above, it shouldn’t be used as a form of birth control. BUT, I’m all for it for general use. What I think a women should do with her body is irrelevant and in no way what I think be imposed on all. It’s not like when she is knocked up I have a say in whether it’s kept or not, so why impose my will at all.

* Gay Marriage: Having been married and now divorced, I can say that gay and lesbian couples should absolutely have the right to be completely miserable and screwed over by marriage. As long as marriage is allowed for a man & women, then man/man, women/women, man/horse or whatever should be OK. I mean seriously, let them suffer!!!

* Religion in anything: I’m a atheist … so F everyone. Stop being douches and realize the foundation and basis of this country, in all that we do, is based on religion. Get over yourself and move on.

* Legalized Marijuana: Yes, legalize it. And tax it. Alot. And control it like you control liquor. Do you have any idea HOW much money the governments, at all levels, would make in taxes? Gives me a rod thinking about it…

So, there you have it. a short list of things that aren’t conservative in nature but that’s how I feel. Now, back to cleaning my AK47 and my beer.