I think to summarize how I’ve been with women for the last 6 years or so … 8 words …

  • Stay Thin
  • Long Hair
  • Sex Anytime
  • Shut up

I know that sounds horrible, but honestly, I’d bring the moon to the earth & move the stars around for someone I cared about, but I don’t ask for much. I got the divorce because my ex-wife wouldn’t take care of the little things that I feel were necessary to keep me happy. I let her not work when she was very capable, I paid the bills, I helped her with the education … I suppose that has lead to how I am now, but I don’t date so much so it’s not really bad. When I do date, it’s a few months and then I lose interest. That’s likely cause I date chicks in the 23-28 range. Don’t throw shit at me, I know I’m bad. I don’t want to be, but I really like younger / more naive women.