Capricorn-us Information-us, Cause US the BEST |2008

In an odd bit of research to confirm something I knew/suspected about astrological compatibility between Capricorns and another particular sign.

In doing this research, I found some interesting stuff that caught me off guard, mainly because I forgot how true it was. How true it is that Capricorns are the BEST!

When it comes to sensuality you are probably the most persistent of all the signs. You will not take no for an answer. You will break down the resistance of whomever you pursue and you’ll never go away empty-handed.

Love is a necessity in your mind. Your animal tendencies come out in the bedroom. You are not a cruel lover, just energetic and lustful. You prefer younger, naive women and you enjoy playing the role of the bedroom teacher.

Unlike most men, when you become an old Goat you still have a strong sex drive and will continue to pursue younger mates.

You do expect your woman to serve you, not only in the bedroom but where the traditional domestic chores are concerned. You want your partner to be a loyal friend but will never accept her criticism.

You will actively seek love through physical passion rather than being lovable.

Some notes from this that I found the most interesting:

  • I most certainly prefer younger women. No doubt.
  • I do “expect” my women to “serve” me. Loose terms there.
  • My partner must be a loyal friend.

All so true. 🙂

Capricorn Sign