sign of the stupid


Not knowing information in this the information age, is akin to speaking with stupidity flowing from ones pipes. Not knowing word definitions but spewing them with venom intentions is a sign of stupidity.

Parroting others views because you feel scarred and afraid, that too shows the lack of depth of understanding the world around you.

If you can’t think for yourself, who are you thinking for? The machine? The establishment? Some TV or News outlet?

Part of being an American is having an opinion and having the right to express it. It’s covered in the Amendment I of the Bill of Rights. It surely doesn’t say that my opinion is more right then yours, therefore you are a witch and should be burned at the stake.

If you think that the views and opinions of others, those that don’t match your own, need to be changed at all costs -including violence- you are indeed stupid. It doesn’t say if you don’t agree with I shalt injure or kill you for not agreeing.

If you can’t handle that others differ from you, who are you then? Aren’t you the one who carries the torch of stupid for this generation and into the next?

Stupidity in our society is like a disease. Should the cure be death? Exile? Conversion at all costs?

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