stupid people

stupidbaby In response to my recent post about stupidity, I wanted to add upon it in a different capacity. Anyone who thinks a two party system accurately represents “the people” is delusional and a idiot.

Division is the key to conquering the land. Divide and rule. Create space between people and let them fight each other rather then the powered elite. Seems like a really smart play.

Not having a legit and used multiparty system, not just a moronic left and right, creates the opportunities for people who have varied views from one side or another to support someone who would actually accurately represent them.

The assclowns, on both sides, do not accurately represent the people they are supposed to be representing. That’s stupid. Why would you want to do that if you had half a brain? Answer is, you’ve been sucked into the stupid people system of a two party system.

The people need to understand that those asshats, who we are electing, do not represent them. Not ever. They represent the whomever is dropping massive amounts of money into their coffers. They represent the special interests, lobbies, foreign nationals, anyone but the average American.

Kiss your ass goodbye, they are all idiots and we are supporting a system that there are no winners, only losers.

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