the 5 time champ

5-1bI have managed to succeed in spite of failure. Thusly, last week I had my fifth, yes fifth, knee surgery in the last 10 years. If I have another scope my 7th one is free! OK, sarcasm.

This was a scope of my left knee (aka “the good one”) that discovered a bone spur along with the known torn medial meniscus. The issue started roughly two months ago. While I thought I could possibly salvage the situation (based on the previous 4) but I was not successful. It is what it is.

2006, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2016. My actual average is a scope every 2 years. That’s insane. I’ve had a history of bad knees, the most notable is the still not resolved ACL tear from ……… 1988 😮

In October I will be having knee surgery number 6 overall. This, however, will not be a scope. Rather then, this will be the ACL replacement (cadaver) surgery with accompanying nan-fracture surgery. There are a number of structural issues right now within my right knee that the nano-fracture has become necessary.

That one, less of a joke and more of a clear and present issue. 🤔