Sunday Bloody Sunday

Last night, 27 May 2018, I had to put dow Monster, my 16 year old super awesome Ragdoll who had developed into my best friend, my love, after having lost Brandy Rai.

Monster had been fighting against HyperThyroidism for the last 2 years. We had been able to hold it at bay but it kicked back up in March of 2018. It was a rollercoaster from there, he’d get better and then have problems.

It was heartbreaking but I did everything I could to help him. I loved him more and more, I did procedures to remove a bad tooth, to deal with some impacted poop (enema) and just worked with the vet to do what was best for him.

This ranks up there with having to have put Brandy Rai down. I will always love him, like I love my Brandy Rai. He had a great life and I’m sure I’ll see him in another life and get to listen to him meowing about wanting ice.

These couple of pictures of his last day …

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