the 6 time champ

6balLast Wednesday, 12 October 2016, I had my sixth (6th) overall knee surgery and the forth (4th) on my right knee. And it wasn’t a lil scope this time. The doctor whom performed my last surgery (Dr. Sumit Dewanjee of FXRX Orthopedic) also performed this surgery.

So what was done? I had a cadaver ACL replacement surgery plus micro-fracture surgery. The holes are drilled into the bone deeper, but in smaller diameters. Think basketball players. I’m not a basketball player (nor could be one in any way).

I’ve been waiting a very, very long time to get this done. Part of the lag has been money, part of it has been willingness to have the amount of time away from, well life, in order to heal and recover. I’ve been trying to take it easy, be good and all that. It’s hard.

I haven’t taken any pain killers since the 2nd morning after surgery and I keep dealing with some lingering pain affects. You know, deal with it!

Of note, on Friday (14 October 2016) I saw Dr. Dewanjee as a followup to surgery and he had to drain 10 vials of blood from my knee that was caused by swelling and the Nano-fracture surgery. Right away a lot of my lingering pain went away. Amazing!

I have to continue to get the swelling to go down, via diligence with my ice packs and using a CPM machine. Gotta get better with that.

So what’s next? Rehab. For the knee.