Top 5 Songs? Whaaaaah? Fantastically Unchanged | 2020

Dream Theater, Type O Negative, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd… What do they all have in common for me and my listening tastes?… What are my Top 5 favorite songs? Let’s take a poke.

I’m taking the plunge. This came up in a chat the other night with a very, very close friend of mine. I wanted to examine just how hard it would be to come up with my Top 5 songs would be and then how hard was #5 was going to be. It was considerably harder then you’d think…

There are a bunch of Top 5’s that I’ve done over the years, relating to Bands mainly. You can see that here (I), here (II), here (III).

I had additionally done specifically about Dream Theater, here and here.

And then lastly, I’ve covered a lot of this in the Desert Island posts.

1. Type O Negative – Anesthesia
2. Dream Theater – Voices
3. Iron Maiden – Revelations
4. Dream Theater – Scarred
5. Pink Floyd – Dogs

And this one is the hardest of all of them, to be honest. The Top 4 all sit so perfectly. But alas, ain’t no way Pink Floyd isn’t in the top 5. Bah! I should do a Top 5 of all of them 2020 style?

A family friend always says … ? MUSIC WASHES AWAY THE DUST OF EVERYDAY LIFE?

music washes away the dust of everyday life
music washes away the dust of everyday life

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