It always seems that the most fucked up thing in the world end up happening to me. Case and point: I have had interest with someone whom I work with for about 6 months or so. I know it’s a no-no (don’t dip your pen in the company ink) and hadn’t said anything or pursued it. A co-worker puts together a happy hour event last night and a bunch of us goto RA for sake bombers. The person, well call him/her “Alex”. Alex is there along with 3 or 4 other people.

As the evening progresses, much alcohol is consumed and as time goes by, people start leaving. By 8pm, it’s just myself and “Alex”. “Alex” is plenty wasted and previous had plans to hang out with some friends. Of course, I don’t think “Alex” can drive and therefore I stall “Alex” from leaving. So we hang out, have a few more drinks and then eventually decide to go elsewhere. That elsewhere is the Candystore, which is a strip club.

I’m kind enough to take care of the cover, get a round of drinks for myself and “Alex”and then buy “Alex” a few lap dances. At this point I know “Alex” was wasted and decide to go outside with “Alex” and get some fresh air. I’m still sober by my standards and decide it would be best if I chuck “Alex” into the car and go back to my place, dump “Alex” my bed and try to leave. “Alex” decides to take their top off and come onto me. I’m faced with the age old dilemma of Do I bang “Alex” or leave?

After listening to “Alex” request sex for 5 minutes, I decide to stop resisting and let “Alex” just get it out of their system. One thing leads to another, and I find myself sitting there jousting with “Alex” over positions. So I let “Alex” get on top, put on some protection, ready myself for bad sex and then “Alex” starts to cry. This is prior to sex, which is odd, cause chicks usually cry afterwards 🙂

So I stop and effectively push “Alex” off of me to determine what the fuck is going on. Long story, “Alex” felt like she was cheating on her boyfriend, the one she’s gone out with like 3 times and he likes 100 miles away. WTF?

So I tell “Alex” to goto bed at that point, doing so myself and trying to forget the whole deal. I check on “Alex” throughout the night into the morning and “Alex” is OK if not hungover. Around 10am, I take “Alex” back to where their car is and on the way, “Alex” requests that we have our “stories” in check. I couldn’t care less at this point and bid “Alex” a good day.

Summary: The main reason I haven’t dated since last year is exactly this, chicks are fucking crazy and I’m better off being a non-practicing hetro.

C/N: Go out drinking with a chick, get drunk, prior to sex she cries. Hooray for me!