last night -ftl

Reeling from the embarrassment of Friday night, I decided to go out with a female friend who was once in the bullpen. I figured maybe I could have a drink or 5 and dispatch my new found demons. In theory, it was a good idea. 1st round of drinks and we are chatting at ‘The Dubliner’ listening to a live band (that sucked). The overall conversation was about her second extreme DUI and drinking/alcoholism that we both suffer from.

The 2nd round of drinks comes, band is exiting and we are still talking about drinking problems. 3rd round is in-between the set and the 4th round starts as they come onto the stage. We stay for a 5th round and by this time I know that she is hammered. And I also know that even after 5 drinks, I didn’t want to bang her. And after round 2 she started asking to leave and go back to her place. But I couldn’t force it on myself and I’d have another drink.

By the time we leave it’s a good things since the band was killing me. I drove her home, dropped her off without a good night kiss and went home.

As I was going home I realized a thing or two. I know that no matter how much I drink I can’t convince myself to have sex with someone when I’m just not into them. So does that mean I put up a fight long enough with “Alex” that I was just not into her enough? Or in both cases did I just not want to bang a drunk chick????