Takao Konishi Happy Birthday Dorkass

Takao Rai, He’s Jet Li’s “The ONE!” |2018

Having lost my shrimpkin, Monster, My 1st Ragdoll & The Supreme Commander … I decided that what I needed to do was get me another dork-ass Ragdoll. Welcome Takao Rai.

Takao Konishi is the 43rd Rai

The most memorable of the Rai, Takao Konishi, who along with Magnus Robot Fighter led a revolt against the Malev Emperor and her legion in the 43rd century.

Takao received the ” Blood of Heroes”. This is the same blood that ran through the hero known as Bloodshot. The Malev Emperor gained control of Takao, and he begged Magnus to end his life for the sake of mankind.

He had a son from a brief love affair with Leeja. His son is known as the Last Rai, Obadiah Konishi.

He was born on 4/17/2018. A male Ragdoll, papers, who is mitted and adorable (of course, like that many kittens aren’t cute? I mean, come on now …. kittens are adorable, like puppies!!!).

Takao, or TACO for short, came to me malnourished, had a cold, was undersized, and appeared to be very neglected. Not good for a kitten.

After bringing him home, ringworm broke out on him after a week. That meant 5 weeks in a room alone so Truffle and Sho wouldn’t get infected. That was super hard.

What made it so hard, I have this kitten in Takao Rai, and he’s not getting socialized as as kitten. While I did keep him in his own room, he missed that.

And let me tell you, going into a room wearing a Tyvek suit, wearing a mask and gloves, it gets old fast.

I’d get up at 4:00 am, spend 45 minutes in with Takao Rai, change out of the Tyvek suit and have breakfast after I fed Sho & Truffle.

Get changed back into the Tyvek suit, spend time with Takao Rai. Get changed, shower, and go to work. Come home at lunch, changed into the Tyvek suit, spend 30 minutes with Takao Rai, go back to work.

Come home from work, Tyvek suit time. On and off and spend time in with him, time out with the boys. Put the boys in the bedroom, let Takao roam the house.

It was fucking brutal, not just for me, but for Takao Rai, Sho Rai, and Truffle.

Thankfully they didn’t, and after that time Takao Rai has been in the general population. He’s continuing to grow as of 9/13/2018 he was a little over 5lbs.

That’s still underweight but not nearly as bad as when I got him, weighing only .986lbs.

He’s even gotten his own microsite-site at tacotoosday.com now. He’s earned it 😉 … There’s a lot to that name.

UPDATE: I brought him in for his 1-year rabies booster, per requirements, and he weighed in at 10.10lbs. Which is super great given where he was almost a year ago, and from when he came home with me. (see the previous paragraph)

24 October 2020I saved Takao Rai, I saved his existence. I believe that 100%.

I completely believe that Takao is here to save me, I know that’s dorky. But, I would consider it a symbiotic relationship that will only continue to grow.

14 July 2022 – Takao had his annual wellness exam today, and he came in at 9lbs 12 oz, which is down from 10lbs 10oz in 2020. Not sure what that means. Curious. Otherwise, my guy is healthy as an ox.