takao rai

Having lost my homeboy, The Late GREAT Monster … I decided that what I needed to do was get me another dork-ass Ragdoll.

Takao Konishi is the 43rd Rai

The most memorableof the Rai, Takao Konishi, who along with Magnus Robot Fighter led a revolt against the Malev Emperor and her legion in the 43rd century. Takao received the ” Blood of Heroes”. This is the same blood that ran through the hero known as Bloodshot. The Malev Emperor gained control of Takao, and he begged Magnus to end his life for the sake of mankind. He had a son from a brief love affair with Leeja. His son is known as the Last Rai, Obadiah Konishi.

I haven’t setup his gallery yet, but I will. He was born on 4/17/2018. A male Ragdoll, papers, who is mitted and adorable (of course, like that many kittens aren’t cute? I mean, come on now …. kittens are adorable, like puppies!!!).


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