so, and then?

On 2 May, 2019, I flew same-day round trip to Chicago to pickup a kitten, Shiro Rai from Ray du Soleil Cattery.

It was a very long day, getting to the airport at 6am and not returning the same day until 8pm. Shiro was great, a real champ who didn’t whine or meow very much. It’s also nice to fly in First Class with a cat 🙂

I’ve not commented about this because I am still really hurt, emotionally and spiritually, in having lost sho rai. That was 4 January, 2019. I miss him all the time, every day and every night. I miss him sleeping next to me, sitting on my lap, just looking up at me.

I can’t expect Shiro to be Sho, not today at least.

He’ll grow into whomever he is to be. I can just try and guide him and make him a better kitty.